First Tuesday Evening Monthly Mini-Lesson

Monthly, on the first Tuesday evening at 6:00PM, until the club reopens, HBC member Dan Finn will be teaching -- via Zoom -- a 1/2 hour mini lesson designed for our emerging and advancing players.

On Monday, we will send you a printable copy of the next lesson or you can download it from the link below. You can use it to prepare for the lesson (and to prepare your questions about the lesson), to follow along during the lesson, and to review after the lesson.

To review prior lessons please visit our Mini-Lessons Library.

This Month's Mini-Lesson Tuesday 11/3: Strips, Squeezes and Endplays

Click here for a printable copy of the lesson. 


Click this button a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. to join the meeting.

Password is HBC2020.


If you have trouble accessing the meeting on Zoom, email Dan at


And, please, when you do sign on, remember to MUTE your microphone!

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