Mini-Lessons Library

In furtherance of the Hartford Bridge Club’s educational mission, particularly with regard to beginning and advancing players, starting March 1, the mini-lessons created by Laurie Robbins, Linda Starr and Bill Watson and given before Monday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon games will be posted here on a weekly basis.  These mini-lessons are an important component of the educational services provided by the club. Having them now available to everyone is a welcome and significant addition to our website.  Check back regularly as we keep adding more!




Opening Lead Out of Turn 

No Trump Bidding Quiz

Defensive Signaling 


Counting Losers

Everything About Penalty Cards


Another Two Tidbits


Another Trio of Tidbits


A Suit Combination to Recognize


      A Misuse of 2 Over 1


Balancing Bids and Doubles


Table Manners

Trick Development

Tips for Playing Team Games

Playing the Odds


Hand Evaluation

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