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Mini-Lessons Library

In furtherance of the Hartford Bridge Club’s educational mission, particularly with regard to beginning and advancing players, the mini-lessons created by Laurie Robbins, Linda Starr and Bill Watson and given before Monday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon games will be posted here on a weekly basis.  These mini-lessons are an important component of the educational services provided by the club. Having them now available to everyone is a welcome and significant addition to our website.  Check back regularly as we keep adding more!  To view our Online Mini-Lessons Library click here.


Defense Against No Trump Part V

Defense Against No Trump Part IV

Defense Against No Trump Part III


Defense Against No Trump Part II

Defense Against No Trump Part I

Reverses Part 12: Bidding Exercises

Reverses Part 11: Reverses by Responder


Reverses Part 10: High Reverses

Reverses Part 9:  Structured Reverses - Responder Bids 2C or 2D

Reverses Part 8:  Structured Reverses - Responder Bids 1H or 1S

Reverses Part 7:  Structured Reverses - Responder Bids 1NT

Reverses Part 6:  To Game or Not to Game

Reverses Part 5:  May The Force Be With You


Reverses Part 4:  You Can't Always Bid What You Want


Reverses Part 3:  What Opener Needs to Reverse

Reverses Part 2:  How to Recognize a Reverse

Reverses Part 1:  Introduction

2/1 Game Force

What to Do Over RHO's Michaels Cue Bid

What to Do Over RHO's Take-Out Double

Psyche Bids






Opening Lead Out of Turn 

No Trump Bidding Quiz

Defensive Signaling 


Counting Losers

Everything About Penalty Cards


Another Two Tidbits


Another Trio of Tidbits


A Suit Combination to Recognize


A Misuse of 2 Over 1


Balancing Bids and Doubles


Table Manners

Trick Development

Tips for Playing Team Games

Playing the Odds


Hand Evaluation

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