Further Action to Keep HBC Members Safe from the Coronavirus

As the number of cases of coronavirus increases and state and local governments take action to contain the spread of the virus, we ask your cooperation in adopting two additional measures to minimize risk at the club.

First, we ask that any member who is returning from a trip outside the United States, and who therefore might have been exposed to the virus, stay away from the club for 14 days following their return. This is the "self isolation" period recommended by the CDC. And of course, we continue to ask that any member who is feeling sick, especially with a cough or fever, not visit the club.

Second, we will begin to build in "hygiene breaks" during games at the club. We will add two or three short breaks during each session, which will allow members time to visit the bathroom and wash their hands. Unfortunately, our supply of hand sanitizers is limited because they are difficult to find in stores, so please bring your own to the club if you wish. Thanks again to the Facilities Team who are doing a wonderful job of cleaning surfaces, tables and chairs.

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we try to be as proactive as possible in keeping the club a safe and healthy place to meet and play bridge. We will continue to monitor developments and public announcements to determine if further action is required, and we will keep you informed, by email, on our website, and through announcements at the club.



HBC Is Concerned About Your Health!


The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance to the HBC Board of Trustees, game directors, and club management.


As you all know, the rapid spread of the coronavirus is raising concern worldwide. Although we sincerely hope the outbreak will be contained, we believe it is prudent to ask our members to take precautions when planning to visit the club. There is much we do not know, but it is very clear that the virus is highly contagious and a serious health risk, particularly to older citizens.

In accordance with club policy, please do not visit the club if you are feeling unwell, especially if you have a dry cough or a fever, as those are initial symptoms of the virus. Our game directors are empowered to ask members to leave if they appear to be sick.

The World Health Organization also offers the following advice, which we ask our members to follow:


  1.  Wash your hands regularly, as soap or hand sanitizer can kill the virus.

  2.  When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose -- ideally with a tissue -- and wash your hands afterward.

  3.  Always avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.


We will continue to monitor developments and will keep you informed if further action is required.

Thank you for your help and understanding in keeping our club a safe and healthy place to play bridge.


Thanksgiving Slam Scores a Big Win for Foodshare!


As a result of our Thanksgiving Slam charitable efforts for the month of November, the Hartford Bridge Club donated more than 16 boxes of healthy food and $1100 in cash to Foodshare

That means we provided enough food and funds to feed more than 30 families for an entire week.

Our heartfelt thanks to Bill Wininger for coordinating this effort -- and most of all our thanks to you, our club members, for all your contributions!

 HBC Members Qualify for National Finals


At the recent regional tournament in Mansfield, MA, several club members participated in the New England qualifying event for the North American Pairs. Club member Victor King and his partner Sheila Gabay placed third in the A flight, for expert players. Club members Trevor Reeves and Felix Springer placed second in the B flight, for players with less than 2,500 masterpoints.


Consequently, these members will now represent New England in the National Finals, to be held in Columbus, Ohio in late March. Congratulations and best of luck!


HBC Now Has a Game Clock

As most of you have probably noticed, HBC has added a brand new game clock to the club's decor. Located on top of the tall cabinet near the directors' desk, the clock shows the current round and the number of minutes left in the round.

Two minutes before the end of each round, the clock beeps twice. No new boards may be started after the two-minute warning.

Four beeps indicates the end of a round. At that point, boards in play should be finished promptly, completed boards should be passed to the next table, and pairs that are finished may ask for their new boards.

We hope the clock will help keep the rounds moving more smoothly, reduce late-round noise, and help all players better judge how much time they have to play each board.

So keep your eye on the clock!


Longest Day Results

We are proud to announce that this year, HBC's Longest Day campaign raised $4,465 -- nearly $2,000 more than was raised in last year's campaign! Thanks to all of you who contributed through cash donations, raffle ticket purchases, and by participating in the events of the day!

Speaking of raffle ticket purchases, this year's raffle winners are:



Quilt 1:  Al Dornan

Quilt 2:  Lesley Meyers

Necklace:  Andy Boyer


Play With an Expert

Doug Doub:  Janet Shapiro
Jeff Brod:  Linda Levin
Frank Merblum:  Mary Ann Downes
Tom Joyce:  Monica Fay
Joel Krug:  Linda Levin
Frank Blachowski:  Vicki Albert
Joel Wolfe:  Carla Pariser
Y.L. Shiue:  Sharon Kochen


July:  Ann Lohrand
August:  Eizabeth Barnicott
September:  Elsa Suisman
October:  Lester Lipsky
November:  Ben Bishop
December:  Jan Moskowitz
January:  Lester Lipsky
February:  Pat Fliakos
March:  Betty Kerber
April:  Trevor Reeves
May:  Carole Amaio

Smiths Win GNT Qualifier

Long-time club members Susan and Michael Smith were on the team that won the Flight A GNT Qualifier in Sturbridge April 13 and 14.  They, along with their teammates, will represent the Northeast Region in Las Vegas in July.

Hartford Bridge Club Celebrates Six New Life Masters


Welcoming a new Life Master is always a noteworthy event, but on April 7th, the Hartford Bridge Club had the privilege of welcoming six new Life Masters in a single event. Weeks were spent organizing the “Eight is Enough” celebration -- a Swiss Team event specifically structured to encourage newer players and advanced players to team up to play. In an “Eight Is Enough” game, each team member is assigned a point value -- from one to three -- based on his or her bridge level. No team may have more than eight points. The planning committee and new Life Masters agreed that the unique “Eight is Enough” format emphasized the central role of mentors and more experienced partners in helping newer players develop their duplicate bridge skills. The game also gave players who had never participated in a Swiss Team event the opportunity to become familiar both with the structure of a team game and with the strategy of playing IMPs while still remaining competitive in an open event.  Players without partners and partners without a team had a special sign up and teams were created for everyone who wanted to play.


On game day, the club was at capacity with 36 teams! The day began with a sumptuous potluck lunch, followed by introductions of the 6 new Life Masters and the presentation of their Life Master pins. Name tags ensured that club members who hadn’t met before would get to know one another. New partnerships and friendships were created across bridge levels -- and the day was enjoyed by all! The Hartford Bridge Club extends hearty congratulations to John, Nancy, Xenia, Betty, Don and Tina, whose accomplishments allowed the Hartford Bridge Club to showcase its motto -- “The Club with a Heart!”

Pictured from L to R: Xenia Coulter, Tina Yablonski, John Calderbank, Nancy Calderbank, Betty Kerber and Don Muller

New 6:30 Tuesday Evening 0-49 Game!

Preceded by Mini-Lesson at 6:15

Begins April 30


HBC is proud to announce the latest addition to our family's educational lineup. Beginning April 30, 2019, we will be offering a new 0-49 game on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Each game will be preceded by a 15-minute mini-lesson at 6:15 p.m.

We hope our newest players who have learned or relearned bridge basics at Bill and Laurie's excellent beginner classes, as well as those who have gotten a feel for duplicate play at our nurturing Thursday afternoon supervised novice game, will be excited to leave the nest once a week to play with their peers in a regular format duplicate game that awards masterpoints.

We're very excited to offer our first-ever evening novice game and we look forward to seeing you there!

Cards4Kids Campaign A Success!


For the holiday season, HBC committed to sharing our love of cards and to supporting hospitalized children at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.  Our club's response was generous beyond anything we could have anticipated.  We collected 285 decks of cards, purchased $360 of gift cards, and donated $657 from our charity games! From the parking attendant to the Development Office, Children’s Medical Center was delighted and grateful for our contributions. Once again, we more than lived up to our motto and showed ourselves to be the club with a very large heart.

Cards4Kids chairperson Riva Lewinter, HBC board president Trevor Reeves, and club manager Donna Feir celebrate the campaign's success.


If you are not feeling well, PLEASE stay home.

At this time of year, so many people are coughing and exhibiting other signs of a cold.  

We are not asking this for your comfort, but for the health of our many members.  No one wants to get sick.  Please don't expose us to your germs.




Clarification of HBC Policy on Member Illness Announcements


How to Handle Member Illness--At the request of a member, a member's family or a member's friend/bridge partner, the HBC will post the information on the white board and send out an email requesting cards, calls, and/or visits as specified by the member.  Members may want to limit specific medical information and just need good cheer.  To make a request, call the HBC or speak in person with any of the directors.  All directors will give the requests to Donna, the Club Manager, and she will have the information posted.  The HBC respects the privacy of its members and will not post any medical information without permission from its members or someone acting on behalf of a member.


A concern regarding extended absence of members who are known to play at the HBC on a regular basis:  If you know of a member who is absent, please let Donna know.



Changes?  Let us know!


If you move or change your phone number or email address, please inform Donna .

The email address at the club is:  hartfordclub@sbcglobal.net 



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