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5-Part Series on Defense 


Joel Wolfe, one of the club’s most experienced and able members, will be presenting a series of five lessons on defense, said by many to be the most difficult facet of bridge. Joel will discuss such topics as opening leads, defensive carding, defensive bidding conventions, signaling and more. These Zoom lessons start on Monday, February 8, and will take place every other week thereafter at 4 p.m. They will be one hour in duration, with time afterward for questions. A link to the lessons will be provided in Monday's newsletter. Lesson documents and videos will be available below.


Lesson 1:  Opening Leads  Document   Video

Lesson 2:  Signaling  Document  Video

Lesson 3:  Discarding  Document  Video

Lesson 4:  Defensive Bidding Conventions  Document Video Unavailable

Lesson 5:  Recognizing Dummy Types  Document  Video

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