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Mentor - Mentee Program for Winter 2024

In the HBC mentor-mentee program, a more experienced player (mentor) partners with a less experienced player (mentee) to assist the mentee in improving his or her game. The mentor is expected to be a willing and enthusiastic teacher and coach. The mentee is expected to be currently playing in non-supervised duplicate bridge games in person or online.


When paired by the mentoring coordinators, the mentor and mentee will be expected to play together in at least three games (and hopefully more) during the proposed time frame or a time frame worked out by the mentor, mentee and program coordinators. The mentors will be given three free-game cards to be used at their discretion when playing with their mentees during the time frame of the winter session.


Because there is a vast difference among our members in their experience level, interest in specific type of play (e. g. face-to-face or online, limited or open games) and the days and times they wish to play, we ask those interested in this program to fill out a mentor or mentee questionnaire available at the club or online.


Questionnaires can be accessed by clicking the applicable link below.


Questionnaire for Mentees


Questionnaire for Mentors


Please submit by January 1, 2024. If you have already submitted a questionnaire and nothing significant has changed, please email us at and indicate that you would like to participate and in what capacity.


Bring completed paper questionnaire(s) to the club or mail to:

John Calderbank

214 Buttonball Lane

Glastonbury, CT 06033


The proposed time frame for the next session is January 14, 2024, to

April 28, 2024. If this time frame does not work for you, please let us know what time frame would and we will try to accommodate you.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Mary Sullivan or John Calderbank at


This program is yet another example of how our members can share and grow together. We encourage you to participate as a mentor, a mentee or both.


Click here to view the program guidelines.

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