HBC Has Reopened with a Limited Number of Live Games!

Masks No Longer Required As Of Friday, 10/22, Per West Hartford's Executive Order

Check Out Our Reopening Incentives! Come Join Us!

Current Limited Schedule of Live Games


No Live Games Currently


1:30 p.m.

0-750 Limited


10:00 a.m. Open

7:00 pm Open


10:00 a.m.

Open Game


10:00 a.m.

Open Game


12:45 p.m.

0-500 Limited


12:30 p.m. Open Game

Reservations Required!

Reopening Protocols and Incentives

In order to balance convenience and an enjoyable bridge-playing experience with our concern for the safety and well-being of those who will play at our club when it reopens, the finance committee and other board members contacted more than two dozen clubs to gain intelligence on what they’re doing and what protocols they are or will be using when they reopen. Additionally, we have taken into account the responses to our survey in April. We again thank the 233 members who responded.


We have also reviewed carefully the pertinent CDC guidelines, the ACBL’s guidelines and the recent guidelines of state and local authorities. We recognize that those guidelines are constantly shifting and that we may determine to change our protocols after reopening. We also recognize that despite our best efforts we might not be able to provide everyone the level of comfort they desire. Nor can we eliminate all risk. We do ask all of our members to respect and adhere to the protocols and playing conditions. We welcome your comments. Please read the following carefully.


Protocols for Participation

Proof of vaccination will be required. Members can either submit a photo of their vaccination card to HartfordBridgeNews@gmail.com at any time before they first play or bring proof of vaccination to the club the first time they play. A list of all members who have supplied proof of vaccination will be kept by the directors. No one will be allowed to play without proof of vaccination.

Beginning Friday, 10/22, masks will be optional -- with one exception. If a player requests that masks be worn at his or her table, then everyone will be required to wear a mask while at that table. Masks will not be required at other times. Everyone should be respectful of other players’ decisions to wear a mask or to ask others to wear a mask at their table. Masks will be available at the club for those who forget theirs.


Do not to come to play if you’re feeling ill or showing any signs of illness.


Preregistration will be required.

We are trying to make this as convenient as we can, so alternate methods of preregistration will be provided for those who can’t preregister online and preregistration will be possible up to ½ hour before game time, if space is available.  To reserve online click here.  For online reservation instructions click here.


Protocols During Games

Games will be limited to 16 tables to allow adequate spacing between tables.


Game fees will be collected at the table and everyone is requested to bring exact change to minimize contact. Game fees will remain at $7 for members, but will increase to $10 for nonmembers. Memberships for the remainder of the fiscal year can be purchased by new or returning members for only $15.


Two hand-sanitizer stands will be available and hand sanitizer also will be provided at each table.


Rubber gloves will be available for those who desire them.


Playing cards will be used only once a week.


Bidding boxes will be available for purchase for $8 through the club if any player wants her or his own bidding box.


No food will be permitted at the playing tables.


Food may be brought in bags or containers by players, but must be eaten away from the playing tables. Food brought to the club may not be stored overnight at the club. Food left at the club after the last game of the day will be disposed of.


No food will be provided by the club.


Water, coffee and tea will be provided. Soda (for the traditional $.50 price) will also be available.


Other Items of Note Regarding Reopening


We have reviewed CDC and EPA guidelines on ventilation and had extensive communications with our own HVAC provider as well as other HVAC providers regarding ventilation. As a result, we will be running the fan on our two air conditioners continually. (Players might want to bring a sweater.)


Our air conditioners are equipped with filters with the highest MERV rating that doesn’t run the risk of damaging the units.


We have installed new touchless faucets in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. In addition, we have installed touchless paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.


We have developed an initial schedule of live games starting Tuesday, June 15, which we will continue to evaluate and adjust going forward. The club will also continue to offer a robust schedule of online games on BBO. We appreciate member participation as we try to balance the needs of all of our members.

Again, we welcome your comments. Most of all, we very much look forward to seeing many of you again at the club and thank you for your loyalty and support. Patience will be our watchword and we hope it will be yours as we move forward in these challenging and uncertain times.

Have You Heard About HBC's Exciting Reopening Incentives?

Our club is making significant efforts to encourage members to play more often and to play in open games. To further those efforts, some of the free-game winners in our recent online masterpoint races have donated their free games to the club to be used by non-Life Masters who have not yet played in a live open game--first come, first served. We have 10 free games available at this time. This is your opportunity to dip your toes in the water and enjoy the experience of playing in an open game for free. Find a partner, register for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning live game and, when you arrive at the club, just tell the director that you're a non-Life Master and a first-time player at an open game. If you're one of the first 10 players to take the plunge, you'll play for free!

In yet another effort to encourage non-Life Masters to play in open games, each month, starting July 1, we will award a $50 prize to each person in a non-Life-Master pair that achieves the highest percentage score in one of the month’s open games. To be a winner, you need play in at least two open games during the month—either online or live. So join in the competition and encourage your friends to play too! The more people playing in each strat, the better chance you have to win masterpoints.

To encourage more play and stimulate interest in all our games, the Board of Trustees last month voted to award a free in-person game to those pairs who score the highest percentage in each category of game the club offers, whether online or live. Those categories are 0-200, 0-300, 0-500, 0-750 and open.

We would also very much like to know what additional games would entice you back to the club. A Saturday afternoon open game? A Sunday afternoon "pro-am" game? A morning limited-point game or an afternoon open game? An evening game? A Swiss Team event? Please let us know! We're working hard to provide the in-house games our members are looking for and we need your input. Email us at hartfordbridgenews@gmail.com to let us know what additional in-house games you would play in if we offered them.

If you haven’t yet revisited the club, you're in for a wonderful surprise. Everyone who has returned just loves the atmosphere and new display monitor. People are so glad to see one another that they come early and stay late. It's truly a community that's happy to be together again.



How to Cancel a Reservation

If you register for a game and then your plans change, please remember to cancel your registration. Only one partner needs to cancel a game, but be sure one of you does. To cancel a reservation:

  • On this website click Reserve Now! as though you were making a reservation.

  • Sign in to the registration system as though you are going to make a reservation.

  • At the bottom of the page below your Reservation Profile, click Reservation to Cancel?

  • Select from the drop-down menu the date of the game you want to cancel and then click Submit.

  • You and your partner should get an email confirming the cancellation. If you do not, you can verify whether the cancellation was successful by clicking again on Reservation to Cancel? The game should have disappeared from your upcoming games list.

  • If all else fails, please call the club as early as possible before game time to let the director know you won't be playing.

If you need help registering for a game or cancelling a game,  email: hartfordbridgenews@gmail.com