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The following Committees were established by Board vote in the recent past: Education, Events, FacilitiesFinance, Nominating, Planning and Policy. These Committees replaced all and any other Committees that had been previously established. Please contact the Committee Chairs with any suggestions or questions.

Planning Anchor

Education Committee


John Calderbank

Mary Sullivan


Members: Debbie Katz, Laurie Robbins, Susan Smith, Bill Watson


Charter: To develop and organize educational programs to provide opportunities for club members to learn more about the game of bridge and to improve their skills.


Recent Accomplishments:  Offered and conducted a successful Learn Bridge in a Day® program which attracted over 70 new bridge players, and developed several follow up course offerings for beginner players. Doug Doub developed and presented "The Fundamentals of Declarer Play" to advanced beginner and intermediate players. Dan Finn is presenting mini-lessons online, and other mini-lesson material, developed by our experienced instructors, is now available on the club website.

Events Committee


Riva Lewinter


Members: Nancy Calderbank, Barbara Fletcher, Sharon Kochen, Ted Kwash, Pam Lombardo, Bill Wininger, Tina Yablonski


Charter: To identify and implement new ideas for events at the club, for the benefit of our members and our community, and to attract publicity for the club.


Recent Accomplishments: Organized Thanksgiving Slam event to donate food and cash to Foodshare. Continued to arrange events in support of the Alzheimer's Association. Also organized several new events to promote more interaction and mentorship between more and less experienced players.

Facilities Committee




Members: Marie Abate, Donna Feir, Lea Selig, Bill Wininger


Charter: To evaluate and act on suggestions to improve the appearance or utility of the club facility, including vendor oversight and longer term planning.


Recent Accomplishments: Organized and updated the club library of bridge books and magazines. Conducted deep clean of the kitchen area. Evaluated options for upgrading furniture.

Finance Committee


John Dinius


Members: Ben Bishop, Ann Hudson, Pam Lombardo, Mary Petit, Debbie Prince, Trevor Reeves, Diane Tracy


Charter: To oversee the accuracy of financial statements and reports and to identify and implement strategies to improve the financial effectiveness of the club.


Recent Accomplishments: Developed a five year financial plan and an annual budget for the current fiscal year. Selected new bookkeeping software to promote more efficient and accurate record keeping. Developed new procedures for expected implementation in October.

Nominating Committee


Felix Springer


Members: Ausra Geaski, Peter Katz, Trevor Reeves and Doug Vagts

Charter: To develop a slate of officers and trustees to conduct the government and business of the Hartford Bridge Club, as defined in the by-laws.

Nomination Process: The slate prepared by the Committee shall be included in the notice of the annual membership meeting, which is mailed to all members. The Nominating Committee shall place its slate of candidates before the club membership at the annual meeting, which will be held in the fall. Additional nominations may be made by the members at the annual meeting.

Planning Committee


Ben Bishop


Members: John Calderbank, Donna Feir, Tom Joyce, Riva Lewinter, Rollin Shank, Mike Wavada


Charter: To determine and implement strategies and effective tools and means to ensure the club's continued vibrancy and success over the longer term.


Recent Accomplishments: Conducted extensive survey of other clubs to determine best practices and to develop ideas for attracting and retaining members. Surveyed new members to solicit feedback on their experience at the club. Added new games and educational programs, and a buddy system to support new members and less experienced players.

Policy Committee


Tom Joyce


Members: Riva Lewinter, Pat Salve


Charter: To review all aspects of club governance, including the by-laws and club policies, to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.


Recent Accomplishments: Updated club policies which are now organized and posted on the club website. Also updated the club by-laws, which were approved at the last Annual Meeting.

Policy Anchor
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