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Please Join Us at HBC

On Tuesday, June 20

(The Summer Solstice)

as we celebrate The Longest Day --

an event to raise funds and awareness for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.


Schedule of Events

9:30am: Bagels for Breakfast

10:00am: Open Game @ HBC

*1:15pm: Pot Luck Lunch (sign-up requested)

*2:00pm: Individual Game @ HBC (preregistration is required!)

6:00pm: Coffee and Cookies

6:00pm: Open Game @ HBC

7:00pm: 0-1000 Game @ BBO

*Preregistration for the afternoon open game and/or the pot luck lunch must be made at the club in person or by phone -- not online.  A sign-up sheet is available on the club bulletin board. 


Table fees for all games will be $10/person—with the extra money going to the Alzheimer’s Association. All games are charity games and will award extra points. In addition, masterpoints awarded for the evening in-house game will be based on the number of tables in both the in-house and online evening games.


Please try to join us for as many of these games as possible! The more you play on that day, the more funds HBC will raise for Alzheimer’s care and research – a cause that’s important to all of us!


More to Know

Additional donations can be made in person in the large donation jar on the directors’ desk or online by clicking here or by mailing a check to the club (payable to Alzheimer's Association or HBC indicating for Longest Day).

The Longest Day Raffle 

We will be raffling off a month of free games as well as games with some of HBC's most respected experts, including Frank Blachowski, Geof Brod, Tom Joyce, Peter Katz, Frank Merblum, Lesley Meyers, YL Shiue, and Joel Wolfe.

> $1 per ticket
> $5 for 6 tickets
> $10 for 13 tickets

Drawing will take place Tuesday 6/20 @ 6:00pm.

You are not required to be present to win.

Anyone who donates $100 or more to our Longest Day fund will play at the club for free for the rest of the month of June.


Be sure to wear purple –- the signature color of the American Alzheimer’s Association – combining the calm stability of blue and the passionate energy of red.

Help Wanted!
If you are available to help with the day's activities by pitching in before or after the potluck lunch or by filling in as pairer player for any of the games, please contact Longest Day Chairperson Emily Lessner at

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