The Hartford Bridge Club welcomes bridge players of ALL levels, as well as people who haven’t yet learned how to play bridge.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Monday games at 1:30 pm are preceded by a lesson.

  • Roughly, once a month on random Tuesdays as his schedule permits, one of our club's own, multiple-time national champion, Frank Merblum, reviews the hands played that morning.  Be on the lookout for announcements for specific dates.

  • Thursday's game format is supervised novice.

At the introductory level, we offer a series of lessons on “how to play bridge”.  These lessons ware offered once or twice a year and are not appropriate for those who know how to play.  If you want to learn the game, phone the club (860-953-3177) to get on a list to be notified the next time these lessons are offered.  See out current offerings listed below.




Thursday, January 10 through Thursday, February, 28

7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

1/10:     The Stayman Convention.  How to find a major suit fit when your partner opens 1NT.

1/17:     The Jacoby Transfer.  How to inform your partner that you have five or more cards in a major suit when he has opened 1NT.

1/24:     The 2NT opening bid.  How to inform your partner that you have a balanced hand containing 20-21 HCP.  And, the appropriate responses to partner’s opener.


1/31:     “Sometimes you have to bid a minor.”  Minor suit responses to your partner’s opening bid.


2/7:       The Take Out Double.  Your opponent opens with the bid of a suit. How to inform your partner that you have 13+ HCP and support for the unbid suits.


2/21:     The Negative Double.  Your partner opens the bidding in a major suit and your RHO overcalls in a minor suit.  How to inform your partner that you have 6+ HCP and four of the other major suit.

2/28:     “Partner I don’t like your major suit opening bid but….”  You have 6+HCP but fewer than three cards in your partner’s major suit.  What are your bidding options? 

$50.00/6-week course;

$10.00/individual class

Please sign up at the club or call Laurie or Bill at (860) 953-3177





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