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Special Game:  HBC Robot Individual

Sunday, 11/22, at 1:30 p.m.


For tips on playing with robots, read pluckycat's award-winning series of articles on Playing with Robots.

How Will Sunday's Game Work?

Log on to BBO.

  • Click Virtual Clubs.

  • Click ACBL - North America.

  • Click the HBC Sunday afternoon game.

  • A box will pop up asking if you want to play with a robot. Click Yes.

HBC table fees for this game will be $4.75/person. The fee for renting a robot will be $1.25. So your total cost for playing in the game will be $6.00.

When the game begins, your partner will be a robot and you'll be playing against another HBC member, who will also be partnered with a robot.

This game promises to be a lot of fun -- and remember, robots never criticize their partners or their opponents. And they never gloat! What could be better than that?


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