Let’s Celebrate Our New Life Masters!


John Calderbank, Nancy Calderbank, Xenia Coulter, Betty Kerber, Don Muller, Tina Yablonski


Date: Sunday, April 7

Time: Potluck Lunch 11:30-12:15

Game: 12:30  

Format: 8 is Enough


8 is Enough Explained

  • This is a Swiss Team event with a twist.

  • Each player on a team is assigned a point value based on his or her bridge level.

  • Each team may have a total of no more than 8 points.

  • A team may have fewer than 8 points.


What’s My “Value”?

If you have

  • 0-499 MPs,  your value is 1 point.

  • 500-1500 MPs, your value is 2 points.

  • 1500+ MPs, your value is 3 points.

  • fewer than 500 MPs but are a Life Master, your value is 2 points.


How Do I Sign Up?

Two sign up sheets are posted:

  • The Master list is for complete teams of 4.

  • The Partner or Pair list is for individuals looking for a partner or pairs looking for a team. We can help find both.

  • When you’ve formed a team, add it to the Master list.

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