Play With The HBCBridge Online - Learn How to Use BBO Webinar

We've heard from several of our members that they'd like to play online, but need some help learning how to access and use the site. 

One of our members, Dan Finn, who has a lot of experience using the site, has graciously offered to host a short video seminar -- or "webinar" -- this coming Saturday, March 28 at 10 a.m. It's easy to attend: Simply click the green "Join Meeting" button below a few minutes before 10 a.m. on Saturday on your laptop, phone or iPad to connect to the presentation.

Dan will teach the following skills by demonstrating them on the screen.

  • How to access the BBO site

  • How to create a username and password

  • How to complete a profile 

  • How to fill out and save a convention card

  • How to join practice games, either individually or with a partner

  • How to fund your account to play competitive games

  • How to sign up for a competitive game,  including the new ACBL Support Your Club Black Point games

  • How to play -- bids, alerts, using the chat feature, and more.

If you have two devices (say a laptop and a phone), you can practice following these steps on Bridge Base at the same time as you watch Dan's presentation. It's very easy once you know how!

The presentation will take 30-40 minutes and will include time for questions. And once you've watched the presentation, you can always refer back to a video of it that will be posted on our website or to our previous emails, which also provide detailed instructions on how to navigate BBO.

We hope you'll able to join Dan on Saturday, and become part of the global community and growing number of club members who are playing bridge online.

Click this button Saturday morning to join the meeting!







Additional Instructions:

In most cases, the above link will take you directly to the training session. If it doesn't,
click here for additional instructions.

Note: Please begin sign-in a few minutes early to allow time for Webex installation, if necessary.

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